Proper Trail Etiquette

  • Think safety first!
  • Be courteous to everyone you encounter - on a snowmobile slow down and give wide berth to skiers, snowshoers, & hikers!
  • Since our trails are multi-use, drive or ski on the right hand side of the trail and be on the lookout for each other!
  • When meeting other snowmobiles, use hand signals to let each other know how many are in your group!
  • If someone looks like they might need assistance, stop and ask!

If you are caught in a blizzard!

1.  Stand with a orange trail marker

at your back.

2.  Face the center of the trail.

3.  GO to your right to return to civilization.      


Please Note: Cell phones do not work in this area, so please plan accordingly.


North Routt Snow Riders

North Routt Snow Riders is a Colorado-based 501-C3 nonprofit corporation. 

North Routt Snow Riders

PO Box 756

Clark, CO 80428

Here is some of the fine print

Our Mission

​To provide access to quality trails for your winter recreation activities

How we are funded

Our funding comes from general donations, membership dues, and grants from the State of Colorado. When you register a snowmobile in the state, a portion of the funds collected are set aside and distributed to the various clubs within the state via a grant process.