Steamboat Lake Snow Club Public Meeting notes:

11/21/17  minutes
7:07  Meeting called to ordered

Floor opened to public comments:

Work on the trail map will be conducted by Chuck V. and should be available next month.  Snow club signs helping direct snowmobilers need to be found

and counted.  Future signs posting will include Hahn's Peak Village, Badger Meadows and the Columbine gravel pit in hopes of keeping riders from

going into private property.  Mark B. will get a sign count.

Steamboat Lake Snow Club silent auction fundraiser will be held Friday, December 1st at Hahn's Peak Roadhouse.  All items donated for silent auction

should be given to Amber.  To donate money or sign up for membership please go to the website:

Trail grooming will be the responsibility of Steamboat Lake State Parks and headed up by Mark B.  We will be limited to grooming where the Forest Service
has permitted the club to groom with no deviations.

Oct 15,2017

Attendees• Joy Marx
• Todd Zvorak
• Tammy Zvorak (Secretary)
• Jim Stouffer (President)
• Wayne Adamo
• Kirk Mahaffie
• Mark Bournbea

Minutes:1. Parking lot on Forest Rd. 550 not opening until 2018.  Forest Rd. 490 will no longer be groomed to Columbine.  Discussed Columbine’s access to multi-use groomed trail system.
2. U.S. Forest Service will not allow widening or tree removal on Hahn’s Peak trail
a. Jim is worried about possible avalanche in the area
3. Forest Rd. 490 will more than likely be plowed to Jan & Lyman’s old property
a. May be plowed to intersection with Forest Rd. 410
4. County will not plow CR 129 or up Forest Rd. 550 on a Sunday.  This may be an issue for those using the parking lot on 550.  Possible problems:
a. Jack-knifed trailers
b. People stranded 
5. Wayne Adamo purchased 100+ acres at end of Hahn’s Peak Village
a. Sign “Private Property” “Welcome” “Stay on Trail”
b. Signage for multiuse
c. Trails need to be well marked
d. 70 “Keep on Trail” signs have been ordered
e. Wayne can put up “Private Property” signs
f. Snowmobile 30 feet easement in that neighborhood
g. Snow Club will provide “Private property, please stay on trail” signs on both sides of the trail.  How many signs need to be ordered?
6. Beaver Basin signage:
a. Red sign –“Slow”
b. Green sign – “Now you can go”
c. How many signs need to be ordered?

 7. Jim and Mark to change signs from 15 mph to 20 mph 
a. Snowmobiles more likely to follow a more reasonable speed limit; 15 mph too slow
8. Cut off bottom of sign that says: “We will prosecute”… because we won’t
9. Wayne Adamo concerned about liability because trail goes through his property
a. Forest service easement
b. Wayne does not need to do anything because of easement
10. Joy dogsledding
a. Applied for permit to run dog sledding tours up Forest Rd. 550 and around Steamboat Lake
b. Trails are multiuse
c. Parking lot of Forest Rd. 550 not in use this year
d. Considering two different loops up Forest Road 550
i. 550 à 501 à 503 à 550
ii. 550 à 500à 550
11. Gravel pit will become skier parking for next year
12. Posts for signs
a. Wayne will provide Snow Club with 10’ x 4” x 4” posts
b. Two posts for the two new speed limit signs in storage (per Mark)
c. Mark has post hole digger 
d. Jim said that maybe the state can assist Wayne with digging holes
13. Memberships
a. Wayne:  family snow club membership- $50
b. Mark: Individual membership - $25
c. Joy: Individual membership - $25
14. Issued Columbine 10 raffle tickets

Meeting end 8:30 PM