​​​Board Meeting Notes

Steamboat Lake Snow Club Minutes December 18, 2018
In Attendance:

Jim Stouffer                Todd Krent                 Stan Bush              AJ Hau
Chuck Vale                 Mark Bourbea             Marg Gustikv           Jay
Larry Kruse                 Ryan Crabb                 Tim Magill             Todd Zvorak
Jason Riffle                 Billy Dines                  Paul                      Charlie Cammer
Tara Umphrief            Leslie Lovejoy            Stan Wagner           Andy Pufzman
Kent Foster                 Andy Bush                  Noreen Stahan 

Annual Meeting Called to Order @ 1902 by Jim
Jim noted that the club secretary Tammie Zvorak has resigned and ask Chuck to take notes.
Jim also noted that Darin Zamzow had resigned from the club as the grooming Chair and Vice President.
Jim ask for the November minutes be approved. This item was delayed as no one had seen them. Jim will get them out to the membership for approval at the January meeting.    

Treasures Report:

Charlie Cammer noted there was 10K in the account and we just received 2 new memberships as well as a donation of 2K, and 250 from a park visitor.
He also made the following notes.
*The club has no outstanding debt
*He has an invoice for the PO Box to pay
*Insurance is due for 898.00
*Treadway was off for the summer the Board has agreed to continue his services for the winter.
*The club had applied for and received the grant for grooming.
*He is expecting the electronic report next week from Joy @ Treadway                    
State Park Report:
Jim noted that the agreement with the State Park has been signed by all parties and was affective last January 1st. He will send out the final executed copy to the membership next week (attached to the minutes). The State now is in charge of the employees pay, workers comp and liability insurance and the general grooming and trail marking and the grant off-sets the costs.

Ryan Crabb handed out a cost sheet as to how he manages the expenses. He noted that due to a lack of snow last season the club has a credit for the unused monies (attached to the minutes). This will be held by the State for the replacement of the groomer in the future. He noted that the “Spring Fling” event on Rabbit Ears last spring brought in enough donations to pay for ½ of all grooming club’s insurance. Essentially the State now is the grooming Chair for the club. He also noted that the formula for all grooming on the state is basically 110.00 per hour of groomed 1-way miles on the trail system approved by the USFS.

Grooming Report
Jim noted that he has been in discussion with USFS to add the Seedhouse section back on to our permit (it had been removed and added to Jason Cobb’s permit) and now the Visa Verde Ranch has the ability to assist the club in the grooming on that side as needed. Vista Verde and the Road House has been added to our insurance to enable them to groom if needed. Ryan has sent an email to Tom Metsa stating that.
Comment was made that we “Need snow” the groomer has not been able to go across the Q trail yet.
Charlie Cammer agree to be the point person to update the website for trail conditions.

New Parking Lot Update:
Last week Chuck had talked with Commissioner Monger who agreed that the county would plow. He was going to talk with the County Manger to ensure the message got to the crew. Chuck asked Mark if the groomer could walk up the new trail to ensure it was ready. They agreed to snowmobile it first. Ryan, Mark and Chuck traveled the route last Saturday. They agreed it was a “Go”. Billy then was able to walk the groomer across the Road House easement and all the way to the new parking lot via the new trail approved by the USFS, (490, 418, 413, 414). They noted there are a few trees that need cut on the 413 section. It was noted that the USFS had cut hundreds of trees last summer on the 418.

Kent Foster mention a conversation he had with the road crew who stated they can plow the road but not the parking lot. Billie was asked if the groomer could. He stated no it is not designed for that. Kent is looking at possibly using a contractor. Doesn’t know where the funding would come from. Stan suggested using 2.5 hours @ 124.00 an hour or $ 310.00 per plow.

Todd Krentz asked if there was ever a plan to get “safe Access” from the Columbine area to the 418 or the new lot? This led to a lot of discussion.
Leslie Lovejoy noted that now the Quarry lot will have a small area plowed for skier parking as they anticipate skiers wanting to use that trail up to the 418. Andy and Terry and Denice from Red Park will be using it as they have in the past to leave vehicles and snowmobile into their properties.
Kent Foster mention that when the new trail opens that the groomer will not be allowed on the 490 section from 490 to CR 129. This is from a 1945 agreement.
This led to lots of ideas and suggestions, signage, plowing, barricades etc. No real conclusions. Clearly now that we have new folks living in Columbine since the decisions were made to move the Parking lot north there are now different issues to resolve.

Future of the Snow Club:
With all of the changes that have occurred in the last few years it was discussed “what is the future of the club” and should the by-laws and Board configuration be looked at? Billie felt is was needed as we really don’t follow them.

Chuck asked for a small group to help him draft a new version for submittal at the January meeting.
The committee is made of the following: Chuck Vale, Todd Krent, Stan Wagner, Todd Zvorak and AJ Hau.

Chuck will set a time and place for them to meet.
Motion made to close the meeting.
Next meeting is January 15, 2019 at the State Park Head Quarters.

Respectfully submitted

Chuck Vale