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Are you running a small 
business? If so, we invite you to this membership. It's for your business.

$50.00 + 32.00 for CSA 



Membership includes 1 SLSC vote

The Red * Memberships all include your membership in the Colorado Snowmobile Association (CSA). If you are already a CSA member, we can send you a refund or you can donate the difference to our club.

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​Membership includes 1 SLSC vote

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In addition to your normal membership, as a business you may choose to become a supporting sponsor of SLSC. You business will be listed on our Sponsors page.

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For your entire family and the friends you bring up to enjoy our beautiful North Routt back country.  
$50.00+22.00 for CSA


Small Business & Family *

Are you running a small 
business and have a family, too? If so, we invite you to this membership. 

$100.00 + 54.00 for CSA



Membership includes 1 SLSC vote

Family *

If you like to get out and ski or ride this is a great deal for you. 

$35.00 +
22.00 for CSA


Your support and contributions will enable the Club to meet our goals, improve conditions, and continue to save for a new groomer. This donation does not include any member votes, but you do have a voice.

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