As a Member - you can help us make everyone's enjoyment even better!

We are truly blessed to have such an amazing area available to us all for our winter recreational enjoyment. However, maintaining this trail system does not come without a cost. Not only are there thousands of volunteer hours spent marking trails, clearing trees, and picking up marker poles in the spring, we have real expenses and it’s not cheap. 

While we receive grant money each year to operate the groomer (fuel, maintenance/repairs, and labor) it is not always enough.  In addition, we must plan for the future - it is the club's responsibility to partner with the State in a cost share agreement to replace the groomer or purchase an additional groomer, etc.

So, you can help out by joining and being an active member in the club and by encouraging your friends, neighbors, and visitors to join as well!

We like it, so let's work together to keep it!

​Without your help, we could lose the ability to maintain this great recreational resource.