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The SLSC needs your support

We are blessed to have such an area available for the recreation of all. Recreational maintenance has a huge expense. Not only are there thousands of volunteer hours spent marking trails, placing marker poles, picking up marker poles and replacing them, we have real expenses and it’s not cheap. 

It cost the club to operate the snow cat, fuel, repairs, labor and other things like insurance, broken parts, sending someone out to pick up a cat operator when its -20 below and 2 o'clock in the morning.

We have radios to fix, permits to get, grants to right, we put up 1400 pole's up and then we take 1400 down. We have fuel to buy, wiper blades to replace, survival gear to check. It’s an ongoing job and for the most part we love doing it. 

However, with all of that said, we also need your help and your donations to keep things going.

Are you Interested in Helping,

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We are currently looking for some additional board members and other general volunteer's to give a helping hand.

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​Without your help this whole thing could go away.